Sustainable returns

Upgrado lets home owners and investors benefit.
Upgrado is the place where you can make an accessible
investment in real estate. 

  • Transparent, short duration
  • Socially responsible
  • Making the residential real estate market transparent

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A sustainable
housing market.

Currently, homes have a huge impact on energy consumption worldwide. And this also applies to the cities where Upgrado is active.

We have no illusions that we will solve the global problem on our own, but we want to contribute to its solution. We see an opportunity to make significant sustainability improvements when renovating a home. For example in isolation, choice of materials and other adjustments to the house.

This makes outdated homes more attractive to future new residents and allows investors and former owners to benefit from a nice return.

The Upgrado fit

Upgrado is for home owners who want to sell their home
and investors who see opportunities.

Home owners

For owners who see that added value can be created with their home by giving it a complete upgrade, but do not have the knowledge, financial resources, time or inclination to do so themselves.


Together with an Upgrado investor, renovating and selling your home becomes a lot easier and more attractive. Upgrado is for investors who recognize opportunities.

The Upgrado platform

Making the residential real estate market transparent and allowing the property owner to share in the profits to be made from the property.

  • Clear platform with clear insight
  • Insight into renovation progress at all times
  • First insight into our new projects

Detailed renovation

Spot the differences. We renovate a house in
detail so it feels like a newly constructed home.