Choosing Upgrado
The perfect partner

Sell directly or share in the profits; it’s up to you.

Hey home owner, that sale
could be better and faster!

Do you want to sell your house and do you think that after a renovation or a refurbishment it could have added value? But you don’t have the time or the resources to do the renovation yourself? Upgrado is happy to help!

How we work

Contact us without obligation and we will make an appointment to walk through your home together.
After we have performed an analysis, we will outline the plan and the expected profit.
If we are both enthusiastic about it, we will buy your home and find an investor.

Sign up

Sign up your home. We’ll look at the home and when we both see the potential, we’ll get the process started.


We perform an architectural analysis and buy the property, without reservation of financing.

Renovation plan

We get to work with a comprehensive architectural analysis and develop a renovation plan.


The investment property will be offered to investors and once we find the perfect match we will start the renovation.

Added value

Once the renovation is complete, the property is put up for sale and the profit is shared with you.

Don’t just take our word for it

“The speed and ease with which I sold my home through Upgrado is unprecedented. Soon the renovation will be completed and I will receive my profit share. I am looking forward to it.”

Jean DeBilde

“I was one of the first investors in Upgrado. This new way of working is refreshing and I am open to another investment.”

H.J. Van Delft

“I sold the property I obtained from an inheritance to Upgrado. The condition of the house was so bad that I could not sell it well. They saw the potential in the property and I am now reaping the benefits.”

Rickaert Peeters

Upgrado crosses
country borders

Upgrado looks beyond national borders. We are already active in Antwerp (Belgium) and will soon be in Barcelona (Spain) as well.

Frequently Asked Questions